B.Y.O.C. (Be Your Own Critic) 

Your palate is an amazing record of the traditions, customs, experiences and cultural references that make you, you. Your palate grows as you grow, shifts as you shift. The wines you love today may not be the wines you love tomorrow. And that’s okay. Let your palate be your guide. Nothing brings me more joy than to watch clients get excited about the uniqueness of their palates. My goal is for you to: Trust your palate.


I created “B.Y.O.C. with Professor Dink,” so you can engage in meaningful wine tasting experiences that integrate music, style and culture. Each “B.Y.O.C.” experience is tailored to each client’s specifications and interests. But don’t worry. If you’re not sure what kind of wine tasting experience you want to create, we will figure it out together.

What distinguishes “B.Y.O.C. with Professor Dink” from everyday wine tastings are the specialized programs I have developed over the past 13 years. My "B.Y.O.C." tastings are a fusion of wine, music and suspense. Sounds exciting, right? From corporate events to bridal showers and brunches, each tasting is meant to bring palates together in a way that is fresh, exciting and innovative. Past clients include Bloomingdale's and Ernst & Young.

Dink, Please Be My Somm

More than I love sipping wine, I love shopping for wine. I get it; you don’t. lol That’s where I come in. Whether you want me to curate a spellbinding wine menu for your pop-up restaurant or wine bar, wedding reception, holiday celebration, corporate gala, or private dinner with those potential investors, I got you. And it’s a simple, three-step process: Chat, Shop and Sip.

  1. Chat—A free consultation to discuss what you’re looking for. Based on that conversation, I feel confident that I can pair your special moment with bottles specific to your tastes.

  2. Shop—I shop, so you can focus on the other details. I have relationships with importers, distributors, retailers, sommeliers, and other wines professionals, giving me access to wines in and out of the mainstream market. I am passionate about the journey of discovering wines that are a match for your special occasion.  

  3. Sip—Enjoy stress-free sipping knowing you’ve entrusted your palate and your moment to a dedicated, experienced wine professional.    

 Exploring Wine with

Foods of the African Diaspora

I am excited about working with clients whose menus boast strong African and Caribbean themes as a Miami-native and New York-refugee born of Jamaican parents. I have dedicated much of my career to exploring and pairing wines with foods rich in African tradition and history.  It's more than a labor of love; it's a passion that forever connects my spirit to the global community.

Let's create wine and food gatherings that explore the foods that comfort our souls and remind us of our beautiful heritage. Want to know what goes with Jamaican jerk pork and ackee and saltfish? Ethiopian beef tibs? What about Haitian lambi and diri ak djon djon? From the patties you buy at the neighborhood bakery to the barbecue perfuming Saturday street corners, let me take you on a palate journey unlike one you have ever experienced. 


Whether it's your house nestled on that Caribbean cliff overlooking the ocean or  your hotel, resort, restaurant, private island or special gathering space,  let's make magic together.

See you at the next sip,