Storyteller. Educator. GrapeDweller. 

Welcome to I am Dinkinish (pronounced din' ki nesh) O'Connor, and I am so excited that you took the time to check out my website. 
Like you, I am interested in living the best quality of life possible. What exactly does that mean? For me, it has meant "doing it afraid," pushing passed self-doubt and insecurity, trusting God, and pruning my thoughts to empower my palate.
As an award-winning writer and communications and English professor situated in one of the most culturally-diverse cities in the world, I know the value of the unique palate. Your palate is a record of the experiences, tastes and traditions that make sipping together so enriching, so life-giving. 
I created B.Y.O.C. (Be Your Own Critic) with Dinkinish O'Connor, so we can return to the wine tasting basics where passion, knowledge, creativity, and camaraderie are the center of the glass.
I have had the pleasure of creating wine tasting experiences for a variety of clients worldwide. Among them are Bloomingdale's & Ernst & Young. While each tasting is different, what brings us together is our need to share our narratives and our need to experience joy in our daily lives.     
My B.Y.O.C. tastings have a strong musical component and a surprise feature that will keep you excited and engaged. I am looking forward to being on that B.Y.O.C. journey with you.   
See You at The Next Sip,